Greetings, Talking Cloak here, I shall speak to you briefly now on this comic and what it is about.

The comic is about a young man, Joshua Meyer, and a talking tiger, Serenia, who operate there own mercenary company, J and S Oddjobs. The world they live in is similar to yours, except plagued by things you would consider "odd." Such as talking tigers, fire-eyed insurance C.E.O.'s, and Giant Ampersand Monsters. J & S Oddjobs hire themselves out to help people deal with these kinds of "odd" problems.

Now, you probably have noticed that the art of the comic is far from on par with that of other webcomics in existence. The Author indeed is far from the greatest artist in the world, but is trying to improve. One of the primary reasons for Our Odd World's existence is for The Author to teach himself to draw.

This is all I can really think of for now. Perhaps I shall add more later.

Good day,

The Talking Cloak

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